May 27th, 2008


Better yesterday (FFXI)

Yay being productive. I got tons of stuff done! I finished my scorp arrow synthing, ending up with 14 stacks of quivers + 3 single quivers. Happily achika_soladia is going to buy them all, so no need to send them through the AH.

I have 5 stacks of bird fletchings from FB skilling cloth, so I suppose I might buy some horn arrowheads to use those up next.

In Thistle-centric news, since I got done with scorp arrows faster than I expected, I sent Thistle back to (ugh) Campaign. He got WHM 71 and buffer, yay! When I do H&C today I can see if aggro is finally, finally gone. (It should be. Hopefully.) If so, I'm never touching WHM ever again. If/when I go back to Campaign, I'll go on COR or RDM or maybe DRK -- some job I'll perhaps enjoy and have fun doing. No more of this '9 bar spells, 15 songs, wait 6 minutes, turn tags in' crap. Gods, I can't believe I did 37-71 that way! I'm insane.

I also caught two Besiegeds yesterday. They really need to have a half-hour time limit instead of an hour. By the 30 minute point I'm checking my watch and mumbling to myself that it needs to end.

Edit: Ha ha, I totally forgot I had a WHM icon. Amusing, since I never did get my AF!
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New icons! And much of the night: Thwarted!

First off: Yay new icons! hamburger made a whole bunch of them based on an anime about a little lost kitten. Chi's Sweet Home, it's the cutest anime I've ever watched. The eps are only three minutes long each, but I can't watch too many in a sitting without risking cavities from the sweetness of it. =^-^=

So anyway, I had one goal tonight: RP! Unfortunately it didn't happen. I sat on the MUX for a couple hours watching +where, but no one came around the city I'm in (couple other scenes were happening elsewhere though). Eventually I gave up and logged off. :/

Thwarting #2 of the night: How the fricking hell does a WHM 71 still get aggro in Yhoator Jungle? Gah! Grr! Morbols are still EP++. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I'm not going to level WHM further, I'll just put RR2 up whenever I go to do H&C. Annoys me though.

Good thing of the night: I worked on Fishingbot's gold sub more, got another 10 levels on him (22). I can't believe I'm doing gold 1-60 for the third time. >< On Thistle, on Chaser (gold main, duh), and now on FB. Such a money sink. :/

Only got about three and a half hours sleep last night, which helps nothing at all.
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