May 28th, 2008

Chi_ :o

I want to be part of this religion!

I can't stop looking at this picture. I've never seen such a sexy, homoerotic, odd religious image before! (Warning: Apparently it's an old image that people have long ago spotted what I've just seen in it, so if it's not new to you feel free to point and laugh at me.)

I've been trying to put my finger on just what pings as those things, but all I come up with is 'everything'. The man's face, Jesus' hands, the way the shirt is pulled up a bit to show some skin... Only element I question/don't like is how is the man holding onto the hammer/nail if he (assumedly?) unconscious?

Anyway: Evil vampire homoerotic Jesus ftw!

PS: If you've been offended by this post, feel free to request a refund.
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Chi_Point and laugh

Oh Fox News, what won't you protect us from?

Fox news, protecting us from Rachael Ray the Food Network Star terrorist since 2008. Or maybe it's Dunkin' Donuts the terrorists (mmmm, donut bombs). Or, more likely, it's both.

So be good Americans, everyone! (Even you dirty non-Americans! Or else!) Remember that only terrorists wear ugly scarves!

I shouldn't be laughing at this, it really isn't funny, but I can't help myself...
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