May 29th, 2008


FFXI post

Edit: nymphah asked me to make this image in model viewer, so I figured I'd post it here as well. Heeheeheehee.


This was going to be a long post, but I got all distracted by the video of the animations for new spells and JAs and ran out of time.

Yesterday I got 10 levels of gold on Fishingbot and said to myself "This is the last time I'll get 10 levels of gold in a day."
Today I got 15. :P Yay gold 47!

Skilling was both a bitch and better than it should have been:
Bad: The guild shop in Bastok was out of mythril ore. I needed to do five levels of 4 ores -> 1 ingot. So I sent Thistle to the guild in Al Zahbi and Chaser to the Bastok airship shop (FB has a pass but is from Sandy) and both filled up their inventories. For the next three hours I muled ores from them to FB eight at a time. God, that was the worst waste of time ever! zzz

The good: And the reason I got 15 levels today: Gold dust! A new skillup synth that didn't exist when I did gold on Chaser or Thistle. Brass + copper + wind, level 47 cap. Best Synth (in gold) Ever!

The other thing I was trying to figure out was Nyzul Isle assault armor. I got asked to join a static, and spur of the moment I said yes (I've been so bored on game lately I thought it might be fun). It starts rather late for me, but so long as people are on time it'll be okay. Anyway, the armor... I can't decide what I want. If I'm judging stats correctly (which I might not be), I don't really need much. None of the Askar is really better than my thick +1/Hauberk +1 stuff. On COR, while the Denali stuff is so so so so so nice looks-wise, the only thing I'd need is the body. And lord, I really don't know what to do with BRD, only thing I saw maybe would be the Goliard feet.

Hopefully I can lot pieces instead of a set. Goliard feet, Denali body (I'd KILL for the hat, but stats-wise it doesn't beat o-hat or COR AF hat), and maybe fill in the rest with Askar pieces and sell off my HQ armor? :/ Of course this is being optimistic and assuming we can get to floors 20/40/60/80/100.

They want me on BRD, which will be amusing. I've not played the job since static ended (2-ish years ago, back when ToAU was new). I did warn her of that, plus my armor isn't so hot at all. COR has much better armor and skill behind it, but I'm willing to go on any of my 75 jobs other than RDM. (Armor-wise RDM has only AF and a dark/light staff, nothing else at all (other than lol melee stuff). Skill-wise, I haven't played it with others in three and a half years, stopped partying at 60 and took it to 75 through Campaign.)

So anyway, hopefully that'll be fun!
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