June 1st, 2008


Fishingbot's purpose has been fulfilled! (FFXI)

Once upon a time, I saw a screenshot of a coffee table. It was the coolest looking thing, and I wanted one! I stalked the AH for ages, but one never came up for sale. "Hmm, you know, if I had a woodworking mule I could make one for myself! And other cool stuff for my MH, too! All the best stuff is made with woodworking!" And so Fishingbot found his trade.

Woodworking 94, gold 54, cloth 57 and he succeeded at the synth. (Wiki didn't list what the two subcraft levels were, but based on the ingredients it seemed like I might be pushing it, trying it before both were 60.) Succeeded at one synth, so tried a second and it worked! Yay! I have the materials for four more synths, but I haven't made them yet. Not sure if I'm going to sell the extras or what. They're so darned big I can't fit more than one or two in my MH.

See? See? See? Cool coffee table! Yay!

In other news, last week or so I saw and claimed Stray Mary twice. Well hello there, Miss Sheep. First one dropped her horn (yay!) and the milk for the quest, second one was just the quest milk. Very happy for the horn. (FB is burning through my gil, I'm already way under my 'never fall below' line. :/ )

And lastly, FB got his gloves, so with his apron and gloves he's done with guild turn-ins. Sort of. Once he's totally done leveling I'll get him a pair of the glasses (need to look at modelviewer to see which ones look best on his model), but for now he's finished. With the gloves came one of the best title in the game:

I wish I could somehow get that on Thistle (without going through the work of getting WW gloves on him). That'd be too amusing.
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