June 3rd, 2008

Chi_ :o

Dino Run! (link)

Dino Run is such a fun little online game! You play as a tiny little dinosaur fleeing the end of your world. Save eggs, eat birds and lizards as you run, and figure out all the other little tricks of the game (riding things, flying, etc).

Non-gamer me did fine on the default mode (medium), so if you're a real gamer you'll probably want hard/insane mode. Playing in easy mode allowed me to win, which should tell you how easy 'easy' is. (I'm not fast at hitting buttons and I tend to hit the wrong ones over and over, yet I still could win, yay!)

Yay dinosaurs! Yay fire raining down from the sky!
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Apparently hell froze over... and almost saved by a Corsair's luck (FFXI)

Sadly our very first Nyzul Isle Assault run got canceled. Unfortunately I was told that after I had spent an hour muling to get all my BRD crap. (Why does BRD have 4875047507031 times more crap than any other job? Staff, staff, staff, staff, food, tons of instruments, and more armor swaps than I think I do for any other job. Bah.)

Anyway, same chick who was arranging that is a leader for that LS I did Dynamis with. She poked me to see if I wanted to go to Dynamis tonight, and since I really really didn't want to craft, I decided to go. It was actually somewhat less boring than the last time I went (when I said it'd be another year before I went again), I think it was because people died so much. *cough* We had three almost-wipes (everyone died except me and one other person twice, and once just me left standing), and on the last wipe everyone was gotten. Sadly that was totally and 100% a non-necessary death. (Time was short but they were going to try to farm. Somehow ~30 mobs were pulled and we had no mages to sleep things = wipe. When we recovered, we dropped glasses.) Luckily I got a R3.

Oddly next to no AF3 dropped. WHM pants and melee gloves, that's it. (Amusingly enough, I almost got the pants. Wouldn't that be too funny, no AF1 but have AF2?)

Anyway, so that means all I need is Windy before I have northlands access. Then I can apply to a HNM LS! Ha ha ha.

However, related to that, looks like Sunday I'll be doing some (*gag*whimper*cry*blech*) CoP. I have to look up and check any prep-work I may have to do, since I haven't touched any CoP crap in years.

Turns out Nyzul static will only let you lot one set, not mix-and-match, bah. I really, really want Denali, but Askar has way more pieces I could use, so I guess I'm going with that. No feather hat for me! ; ; (I dream that maybe we'll totally finish one day, then be able to go back and farm for a second set, but that's probably a crackpipe dream.)

Hm, post sounds kind of negative, doesn't it? Wasn't a bad night, really (other than the death). I got to play COR (yay!), and time didn't drag in Dynamis like it had last time, and even though I did die once, I survived three other times when everyone else hadn't. Really, just playing COR made me happy. I need to do that more often. :)
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