June 5th, 2008


So tired... (FFXI)

Got done:

* Merit #3 on Thistle. Got Loaded Deck for COR (turns Random Deal from meh to yay!). Got Snake Eyes just... day before yesterday? RDM + Campaign = superfast merits.
* Fishingbot got his cloth sub to 60. Gods, that was a tough battle. I hate cloth and it hates me.
* FB got gold sub to almost 52, wood main is almost 95.
* Ruined FB's poor, poor house. It had been looking all nice and cool, but I got an Arcane Flowerpot from a Strange Apparatus (since I got the core thing in Dyn-Jeuno), so I decided to let him try to grow ores for Chaser to skill with (level 74 stat rings). Very wrong choice of mules, but the plants had already been planted by the time I realized that. c.c I forgot about needing moghancement:gardening (well, not needing, but it being a good thing). His house went from cool to OMG awful and his storage isn't even back up to 80 yet.

Need to do:
* No more Campaigning for me. :/ I either need to craft or get another mule, and I darned well have too many mules already. I'll be making wood/ammo for the next few days. :( On the plus side, I'm out of stuff to sell, and my cash is amazingly hurting, so...

Um, I think I got other stuff done today as well, but brain is tired. zzz

Yay COR!
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