June 7th, 2008


I need a Fishingbot icon... (FFXI)

The day was very productive and very non-productive.

Morning started out with the Louverance Path of CoP. Amazingly easy BC. However, the rest of that path reminded me why I hate CoP so much: Long run/ride to the BC (outpost to the Dunes, run on foot to get a bird at Dem, ride through two fricking parts of Gusta (no use using the sparkling light, as I would have been without a chocobo on the other side), then from one end of Oldton to the other), fight, CS: "Oh,! You need to go go Bastok!", go to Bastok for a CS. The whole entire CS there? "Everyone's gone back to the BC! You better go there, too!" What the hell, people? That's pointless forcing people to run around, waste time. It's the needless jumping through hoops that I've mentioned hating before.

I was highly depressed to find out they did that fight just for me. :( I knew they were going to have to re-do the Ulmia Path path for me, but I hate making anyone have to do extra work for me, let alone five people. :( I feel really guilty that they're going to spend another CoP mission time doing the mithra BC/snoll fight again for me. :/ Someone else in their static better need the airship fight, because if they're repeating that for just me I'll kill myself. (I haven't asked yet because I'm afraid that's the case.)

Anyway! Fishingbot made a metric crapton of ammo yesterday and today, now it all just has to sell.

- FB hit cloth 60, yay capping his first subcraft!
- FB hit wood 95, yay!
- I have 9 stacks of mythtil ingots (networth: 630K :( :( :( ) for FB's gold skillups. Hopefully that'll get him more than two levels, (to 55-ish), but I'm not holding my breath.
- I'm so very, very, very poor. I'm about to go find a streetcorner to stand on and hope to make money that way.

Between all that stuff, I had many hours of downtime. Was braindead so I was very happy to just sit and veg and watch TV and RP on the MUX.

And speaking of money, oh happy day! Ore #2 from digging!

But can I sell it for money? Nope. Chaser will need it for her goldsmithing skilling. :P

Oh happy day #2! Fishingbot made a wardrobe! My MH grows more and more ToAUish every day!

And lastly, a funny thing happened while I was running through the Dunes:

I tried and I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't cast Raise. I guess I just wasn't trying hard enough! ; ;

Edit: Yay! And FB just made a Royal Bookshelf for his own MH! Yay high level WW! So many fun things to make!
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