June 9th, 2008


Busy night! (FFXI)

While the update was today, I didn't make any 'Eeee!' posts over it. There's lots of good little stuff, but nothing that overly thrilled me. However, dealing with update stuff filled the evening nicely!

Well, first was a non-update thing. Merton, our favorite THF, saw that Simurgh was up, so a few of us ran in to kill it. Yay title!

Too bad less than an hour later I had a new one. :P It was a fun fight, though I felt oddly crippled without the TP party plugin. "How do I know which cure spell to use when I can't see the percent health he's at?!" (Some plugin was crashing things at first, and not knowing which one I just commented them all out. Now we know it's the distance one.) Mert got his boots, yay!

It was quite fun having HNM LS people gathered, lurking on the cliffs above us, waiting to pounce. I don't think anyone's HP even dipped into the yellow! :E

Update-wise, I did all the mission CSs up to the fight. Before today I hated Dancer, but now? Loathe doesn't even cover it. Yes, the dancer is gay, ha ha ha. How original, he talks with a lisp!

He actually had that stereotypical limp wrist pose (his hand flopped around!), and he fucking flailed and flapped his hands around at one point. Grrrrr. And that he's my model, and everyone already is like 'lol Thistle iz gay'... I can see where people would find humor in it, but... *shakes head* (Spoilers in text warning.)

The other big thing I did tonight was the limit break fight for my NPC:

Some people had a really easy time of it (the NPC's job varies), but he was RDM/NIN for me and that was a hell of a fight. Seriously. I was down to just a few seconds left, I had long since ran out of MP (I had used both my 2 hour and convert earlier, hadn't had either), and I'm just lucky that the NPCs give up at 10% or so because he nearly killed me. Anyway. Now I'm going to take him with me when I work on clearing my gun of trials, maybe I'll finally finish that.

And this last bit amused me for IC reasons:

Heehee. (And man, my display looks so empty without timestamp on it!)

So that's about that. I'm working on getting my various moghouses into shape. Tomorrow is Dynamis-Windy (after which I'll have northlands access and never do Dynamis again, ever. For serious!) and then after it Nyzul Assault. I'm going to buy a sandwich at lunchtime so I have dinner on hand and ready, so I can eat while playing. If I don't, I'll never get around to dinner and I have to not be bad about that.
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