June 12th, 2008


Comcast... *holds head*

I try to be reasonable about Comcast, I really really do. No company will be perfect 100% of the time. However, when Comcast blocks the ports that FFXI uses, my patience wears thin. Myself and every other FFXI player/Comcast user wasn't able to log on for about five hours today. In Comcast's defense, not only did they get it fixed, they gave a time estimate and got it done by then. I was amazingly surprised.

Yet still annoyed. My one (ONE!) task for the day was catching new moon/Darkday on game. Chaser has a crapton of synths that need to be done then, and for once it was going to fall at a totally reasonable time (7 PM PST). Thanks to Comcast, I missed that. (I didn't say anything about rescheduling the Wings mission fight because the mission was more important and more people than just me were involved. :) ) Worse than missing Darkday, I rushed through the very best CSs in the game to try to be done in time to catch it.

Anyway! Wow. The Wings CSs were amazing. 'Amazing' doesn't even come close to covering it. I'm not talking storyline, either. The animation, the sound effects? Yells, meows, a neck snapping? Oh my god, so cool. The animation had me drooling, especially the fire.

Note: All screenshots have the text blurred out, so anyone who has not done the missions yet can look without being spoiled.

This would have been the best shot ever taken if only the stupid elf hadn't closed his eyes. Fire! Rain! Pose! *drool*

More fire, and look at that pose! I guess it's actually kind of hard to catch in a static picture how realistic the fire is, but in the CS it really is!

This girl is sooooo cute! Her personality doesn't do much for me, but she's so cute who cares! Love her earring and the feather in her hair!

And this was so damned cool: Tiger in a spiked collar! Best. Idea. Ever. *drool*

Wish I had gotten a better screenshot of the two in purple, but they were the best characters ever! :D

And last but far from least, I'm kicking myself that I didn't have weather effects turned on, because this utterly insane scene would have looked even better. :D (This one would be really spoiler-y, even without the text. Look at your own risk!)

All in all, wow. Great CSs. I was kind of surprised that everyone was saying how easy the fight was though. To me, it was kind of rough. RDM decked out in soloing/melee gear main healing a Galka tank, a ninja co-tank, and a monk. MP? What's that?

And as a final note: The Nyzul Isle assault issue might work itself out. I'm kind of very confused, but here's the story: The static leader, who set the day and time, now wants to change both. The time is bad for her and in a month the day won't be possible for her to do either. She wants to switch it to a day that naikitty can't do, and since Nai is the only person in the group I know, and since I don't really really want to do this anyway, when she asked if I'd drop if Nai did, I said yeah. Now the leader might change it to a Nai-good day, so I'm going to leave it to the fates as to if I keep doing it or not. I'm really kind of confused about the whole issue though; I'm going to assume that both the time and day being bad are things that just cropped up in the last week. (I could ask her, but it's not a big deal, and sometimes asking things sounds like you're accusing someone of something.) So we'll see!
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