June 13th, 2008

Sad but firm

Mmm, yes please (RL, link) (Edit: And FFXI hack warning)

Crying men are very, very sexy. I especially like #2, #8 (gah, *melts*), and the last one (#10). Oddly, I've always had a thing for crying men. As soon as I have a bit of free time I'm going to try to find out if the whole collection is online somewhere (I suspect it is).

Wow, is #8 Robin Williams? His expression kills me. :D The lines on his forehead, the pose with his hands in front of his mouth. *bouncies and melts* Gah, I don't think I've ever, ever, ever found Williams hot before! *snuggles and huggles him until he feels better*


Edit: Gods above, is no site safe? BG now has (Edit2: had) a hack on it. And idiot me trusted BG (because if it wasn't safe, what site would be?) and my noscripts plugin was permitting whatever BG wanted to run. *holds head* I need to just stop looking at any FFXI site ever. I hope my account is okay...
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