June 14th, 2008

FFXI Fishingbot

Homestretch! (FFXI)

Fishingbot is so close to being done! Which is good because see that line way back there? That was my 'never fall below' money line, which was passed weeks ago. It's going to be a good long time before I start in on my next crafting mule.

He hit smithing 41 tonight! Yay! Tomorrow smithing goes to 45 so he can breaksynth iron splitters (breaksynthing with adaman ingots *sob*). Then done! His subs aren't 100% finished (gold and bone are 53, alchemy is 56, and others, only cloth is 60), but I can work on them slowly or not at all (what's he ever going to need bone 60 for?).

And speaking of crafting mules, I'm back to undecided. :/ I was so certain about cooking next, but now I'm 'meh'. The only crafts I don't have mules for are:

Smithing: Never ever going to do, I hate smithing.
Clothcrafting: Blah, dislike it strongly. Wouldn't mind having a cloth mule, but I don't want to skill it.
Alchemy: Wouldn't mind this one too much, but I've done alchemy subs so often, I hate to do 1-60 yet again.
Cooking: Haven't touched since Thistle took it to 60 years ago. Thus my sort of interest.

Yagudokisses is the next up, and would move to Windy if she cooks. Catsoup could kind of skill something, though he's my Jeuno mule and so I'd have to replace him with someone else.

Decisions decisions!
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