June 15th, 2008

Angry scribble cat

Worst. Weekend. Ever. And it's all CoP's fault! (FFXI)

Okay, so it's only indirectly CoP's fault, but it's fun blaming something you hate! This weekend was so very amazingly annoying. The last of the Three Paths path was supposed to be Saturday morning. I got up at 7 AM. Got to the BC 15 minutes early. Waited. Waited. Waited. Two hours later someone from the static finally logged on and asked me what I was doing there. o.O I was told the mission was rescheduled until Sunday and no one told me. ><

Sunday morning, alarm went off at 7 AM again. >< I had wanted to go to the farmer's market, but stupid CoP mission. Got to the BC 15 minutes early. Waited. Waited. Waited. Three hours later static members started logging on. I was pissed, but they were repeating this mission just for me so how much could I say? Three hours after the starting point, they started muling and shopping and stuff. Half-hour later no one had left the city, so I asked how it was going.

"Static tank has Einjar(whatever) and she'll be another hour. We'll go when she's done."

Fuck that shit. Excuse the language, but I was ready to explode. I thanked them and dropped out of the static. I spent more than five hours standing at a damned zoneline in the Maze this weekend. The static leader was surprised I was dropping. He actually thought it was about additional the hour wait for the tank. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over. (You'll recall that last weekend they were two hours late for the mission, too. This was not a one-time happening.)

They are nice people, two of them /telled me multiple times during the day asking if I'd let them set it up for next weekend instead, but what's the point? I hated CoP going into this, I had only accepted the invite into the group because I thought it would be good to work with the people. It's been nothing but stress and annoyance. To do something I hate. So why stick with it?

So, no more CoP for me. Forget it. I should have just stuck with that to begin with and not gotten myself involved with this at all.

It also pisses me off that I let the game make me miss something I wanted and needed to do RL. Hell, not even the game, being blown off and made to stand around wasting hours of time for nothing. I really needed to get to the farmer's market this weekend, I needed fruit and veggies. I bet the cherries are still good and maybe corn on the cob is in season by now, but instead my time was wasted by people with no respect for their "friends".


(Usually I worry the wrong people will see my posts when I'm mad about something, but in this case I wish they would. How can you not understand that wasting five hours of someone's time is disrespectful and would make them angry! How can you not understand, when you yourself slept until 1 PM that making someone get up at 7 AM twice would be annoying!!)
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