June 16th, 2008

FFXI Fishingbot

Giving up crafting... stop laughing (FFXI)

Okay, no, I can't claim that with a straight face. However, I'm amazingly frustrated at the moment and wish I could stop.

Breaksynthing iron-splitters was recommended for wood 95-100, even though it takes an adaman ingot. I filled up FB's moghouse with the strongest wind moghancement possible. He's within five levels of item cap.

First round: 2 ingots, 44K each. I got three synths out of them, zero skillups.
Second round: 4 ingots, 42K each. I got four synths out of them, zero skillups.

Almost 300K lost for nothing. I do not have the money for this crap. (LS guy claimed he got five full levels out of two stacks of ingots.)

I wish I could stop and leave FB at 95, right now there's nothing at 100 that I'd like to make, but it will gnaw at me if I don't finish him. :/ It's killing me that stupid Chaser's gold is at 94 (even though it's amazingly smart to stop there, it still kills me).

Stupid crafting. Darned game. It's been a rather frustrating last few days.

Edit: Good news though, too! xvolph moved to Midgar tonight, yay! We snapped her right up into our LS. :D
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