June 19th, 2008


Holy... (FFXI)

A more fitting subject line has never appeared in this LJ!

Took us three tries. (We went with a balanced party, PLD, WHM, RDM/WHM, DRK, RNG, DRG, but the PLD and WHM were 70 and I (DRK) was the only stunner, so it was a really rough fight.) First try we got him to 50%, second to about 30%, third time we decided to sit around for two hours and wait for Lightday, we got him to 1%... and wiped! Arg! And then our WHM RRed and killed him with a 30 damage Holy. :D

Me with him. And the party and five Diaboloses. (The PLD didn't even have SMN open yet, heh!) My SMN is only 20 still, but I really have no plans to level it further even though I now have all the avatars.

In other news, I've been doing a lot of Campaign lately. Love that I don't have to leave Sandy for it! I've gotten at least one in every COR merit I want (Fold, Snake Eye, Loaded Deck), now I just need to increase them. Tons of beastmen pets keep showing up in the battles! Buffalo, dhalmel, manticore, tiger, and a pink bird! So funny. I'd say it's surprising to see a dhalmel in Sandy, but...

I'm on a quest to find a good bed for Thistle's MH. :/ I tried making an Oak Bed, but they're ugly so I sold it off right away.

You know, this elf guy from the WotG missions might be cool and all, but he keeps closing his eyes in all my screenshots! >< Stupid elf. I had to rewatch the CSs to get a shot of riding doubles on a chocobo. *envy!* (Text blurred, no spoilers.) Ha. Actually, it looks like he's making a happy anime face. ^^

I've never seen a Sanguine Sword before! What a fitting name. :D

And almost lastly:

My third ore dug up. For the longest time I hated ore-digging moons because everywhere was dug out. Finally I gave in and tried to go for them myself... I should have tried sooner!

And real lastly: 'On this day in history' has lots of interesting stuff!
2005: I did the rank 5 fight for the first time -- ha ha ha! (Um, spoilers for rank 5, I guess. :P ).
2007: Look how wee little my COR was! So funny to see that now. :D
And also from 2005: What's wrong with this picture? *cough* I can't believe I ran around in those things for so long. *blush*
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