June 21st, 2008

FFXI: Chaser GS

I work too hard at this... (FFXI)

Long ago I decided I wanted a Reliquary (wiki listing). High level gold... check! Chaser can make it! ...wood sub... bah. She has no subs done, so I just kept pushing it off. Well, I finally decided to get onto it. Wood 1-31 today (gods above, shoot me now. This is time #4 doing a wood sub), then I tried the synth. First try: Fail! Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot lost! Arg! I decided to give it one more try before leveling wood further, and it worked!

I kinda thought it would be more fancy than this though (it's the chest). :/ Oh well, at least it matches my house! Yay ToAU-ish MH! (And I always snicker at the ghost lantern being after my cake. Silly ghost, you're made of metal! You cannot eat my cake!)

Next up she's going to make a Walahra Burner (wiki listing), but she basically has to get to wood 60 to try it. :( Shoot me, I mean it!

The only other thing I did today was chocobo race. The special race, against the mobs. See, it's been discovered that the only way to get the chocobo chick costume necklace is to beat all five mob races. I've got a racing bird, so why not try! ...well, because I don't have a top-of-the-line racing bird. >< I beat the first race (against the sheep), tried the second race against a flytrap, rabbit, dhlamel, sheep, and other chocobos and lost badly. Second time I came in last. >< The races are really expensive chocobucks-wise, so that's it for me. Stupid chocobo racing. :(

Tomorrow I had planned to take my NPC and XP him/clear my gun of trials, but... *whine whine* Don't wanna. And, since I spent today doing something I didn't want to, I don't expect that I'm going to get it done. (Really, I should get at least one weekend day to do what I want, right? :P )

Oh well, we'll see.
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