June 23rd, 2008


Time to play house! (FFXI)

Less fun: Merit #5 tonight = third upgrade of Snake Eye for COR. Yay! However, 50K XP for a 2:30 reduction in recast of an ability makes me go :/ .

More fun! I got lots of new stuff for my mog house!

First off, here's the Reliquary turned around the right way. *cough* Much better than backwards! (The chest behind the mannequin.)

Second: Leather pot! I was intending to make it myself, but it needs a rare hide (ENM drop) and some expensive stuff, and for some reason it was a ton cheaper to buy pre-made. Odd! Maybe people made it and then thought it was ugly? I like how it looks...

Third: I splurged way too much and bought a Credenza. 250K. OW. It's not quite as cool as I had hoped, but it's still pretty nice. I hadn't thought I'd ever have one, since it takes Jacaranda Lumber to make it (also goes into Thalassocrat/Bahadur), so when I saw it at the AH I grabbed it. I would have saved money if I had made it myself, but it would have been a risky synth with a 100K+ item, so I'd rather not gamble. (Log to lumber is wood 100+, FB is 95. The Credenza synth itself is wood 84.) It's probably not worth the price, but since I can't level FB further, I decided to splurge.

Fourthly: Over the weekend I asked achika_soladia to make my Sandy tea set! Yay cookies! I like the Bastok tea set better, but the Sandy one is nice, too. Saved money making it over buying it, even though it took an angel stone. :/

And since we're on the subject of money, two years ago today:

OWWWW. *cries* It pains me so much to see how the value of all of my armor and stuff has fallen. Bah. :(
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Hockey vs Soccer (RL)

While I'm pretty sure hockey is the most violent sport, I think soccer (football) is the tamest, most loving one. I'm probably wrong, but...

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I rest my case. :D

Sorry, tersa and anyone else on my flist who is a hokey fan. This post is totally tongue-in-cheek. :)
(All images are work safe, have appeared in newspapers, etc.)
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