June 24th, 2008


So a Corsair, a Red Mage, and a Dragoon walk into Xarcabard...

I had extra time online today, but I didn't feel like Campaigning at all, so what to do? I decided to give another try to a task that I've been attempting once a year for the last three or so years: Getting my Kuftal Tunnel map. I hate sneaking/invisibling, I have zero sense of direction, so looking for a coffer in the middle of aggro without a map isn't what I'd consider a fun time. That might be why I try it only once a year or so. However, this year I finally had success! Yay! Dusty key is gone from my storage!

After that I still didn't want to Campaign. "Hmm, what else do I hate doing? I know! I'll XP!" So I took SMN out to Ronf_S and killed worms. Oh my god. It took me more than three hours to get 2K XP. My XP band still hadn't worn, but I said to hell with it and gave up once I leveled. Easy, safe, but sooooooo slow and boring. zzzz

So after that Cy logged on so we gathered our little group to go out zeni-hunting! However, I had had an annoying enough day that if it had been a bad mob I was going to skip out. Luckily it was ice eles! I packed up as RDM (to sleep it once we got the life down to a sliver) and we met in Xarcabard. It seems the zeni requested mobs changes once every four hours and we had caught it right when it changed to ice ele, so we were in luck. Four hours, 10 plates per hour = 2,202 zeni. Pretty darned boring, but at least easy and now I won't feel like a leech when we start our runs.

Unfortunately, this morning before work I had a shopping accident. >< This is getting to be a problem! I spotted a Thurible for sale at the AH. I had been intending to level goldsmithing Chaser's smithing subcraft so she could make one, but hey, a premade one meant I wouldn't have to do that! So I grabbed it. >< Sadly it's size and looks don't match the price. 200K for this little thing? However, then I noticed it's animated (very light smoke comes out of it) so it made me a little happier.

I'm running out of room in my MH. I need to stop buying things! I have just one last thing on my shopping list: A Walahra Burner. There was one up for sale this morning, but I resisted. If Chaser finishes her wood sub, she can make it herself. (Sucks that it takes an ori sheet, two gold sheets, and a gold ingot, but at least making it should still be cheaper to make it.)
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