June 25th, 2008


Who wants my SS#! (RL, FFXI)

RL is annoying. I got a snailmail letter today from Disney. Usually that'd be a cool thing, right? In this case, it was not. I own Disney stock, and of course their company keeps all sorts of info on me. They store that info on data tapes. They hired some company to move boxes of those tapes. The company lost the boxes. >< My SS#, full name, address, banking info, mother's maiden name, all that crap is floating out there in the world somewhere.

The letter was amusing. After saying that the boxes were lost, it says "we have no indication of misuse of your information". Um, hello? You lost the boxes back in February, you do not know where they are, how do you know if there's any misuse going on? Let alone, it took you four months to contact me??

Bah. They offered everyone involved in this two years in some "credit monitoring" service. After checking out that this whole thing is legit, I signed up. (At first I was worried this might be some kind of scam, since the sign up process asked me all sorts of info, but there are news stories about the loss out there, so it seems real.)

But seriously, this is four months late! I really hope no one has gotten hold of my info in that time. :(


FFXI: We tried our first tier of ZNMs, but it didn't go overly well. We made a couple attempts at Vulpangue (not great screenshot, sorry), but wiped. Our tactic got better at the end, but still failed. (We ran out of time, never got to try Chamros the Colibri.)

The day still counts as a success though! I bought nothing for my MH! Ha ha, take that AH!

I'm getting closer to being able to make the ToAU 44 fight happen. I need just one more heavy DD (assuming we can do this without a BLM, otherwise the last slot needs to be filled by one). I'm excited to give that a try again, and I'm dying to hear that fight music again. I swear I had it downloaded on both my work and home machine, but I can't find it on either...
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