June 26th, 2008



Dear California,

Please stop being on fire.


PS: No flaming jokes!

Bah, California really needs a good state-wide downpour. So many wildfires! Smoke everywhere. Eyes hurt, everything's brown/hazy. I've been here eight years now and we've never ever had a fire season like this.


FFXI: Another night spent doing ZNMs. On our fourth try, we finally won. Got no drops, other than the 100% pop item:

We really need more people. A full alliance would be best. (Yes, it can be done with fewer, wiki even says a single party, but we're a social LS.)

Anyway. Best part of the night: Oh my god, look who showed up! Sorry it's not a better screenshot, but we were in the middle of a fight (building TP on bees) and I couldn't get closer to die get a better screenshot. First time I've ever ever seen him in the wild! :D I totally would have attacked him, just to have "Thistle was defeated by the Dark Rider." as a sig. Man, so cool. :D

And lastly, tell me I'm not insane. I've been playing for four or so years now, and I never, ever, ever saw a text line when auto-target was on:

Is that new? Or have I somehow missed it all this time? (I generally leave auto-target on, for farming on DRK.)

Day #2 of buying nothing for my MH. I'm trying to not look at that part of the AH, so I don't get tempted.
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