June 28th, 2008

FFXI Fishingbot

Feel free to admire my wood! (FFXI, RP)

Yay Fishingbot!

Yay Chaser!
(Pretend there's a picture of her hitting wood 60 here. She actually only got to 59.3, but close enough.)

Did Chaser's wood sub 30-almost 60 today. Blarg. So much ammo! At least it'll sell for money though, as my funds are getting low.

Fishingbot did 95-96 through lancewood lumber only, which sucks as the logs come from Dyn-Windy, thus they're always in short supply.

The whole point of leveling wood on Chaser was so she could make me my Walahra Burner (the big thing with handles, under the fish on the wall). Like the little thing in front of it, steam comes out. I'm probably going to move it elsewhere in my MH, but I'm not sure where yet. It was a scary synth (took an ori ingot -- 150K, but cheaper to buy than to make, and 2 gold ingots and 1 gold sheet), but luckily it worked.

I figured out a good place for my bamboo, and for the first time since I started FFXI I'm happy with Thistle's bedroom. People often use big solid wall-type things, but I hate cutting up my MH with those. The bamboo are perfect, natural and you can still see through them a bit, and wouldn't it be great to sleep under softly glowing overhanging bamboo things?

So anyway, with the Walahra Burner I have all* of the ToAU furniture other than the Amir Bed, but that takes cloth 59 and I doubt I'll level that on Chaser. (* I have two ice lamps, so I'm calling that as covering all the elemental lamps. I don't have water/dark/light/lightning/all the other ones.)


RP: I've spent a few days now trying to think about what I want from RP, heck if I want RP, where I might find it, and all those related questions... and I haven't come up with any answer other than the easiest solution might be to get the RP part of my brain removed.

I've had fun RPing in the past, amazing fun in the past many many years, and I'm pretty sure I could still have fun now, but for some reason I'm not. My past two attempts I blamed the characters (Hunter and Thatch), but now I'm playing Thistle, who I know better than I've ever known a character, and I'm still not into it. I can't blame the MU* because 1) Thatch was on a different one, 2) I don't log on enough with Thistle. After Thatch I said one more try, if Thistle didn't work out then I'd give up forever, but... :/

Giving up forever is possible. I had a period of 2? 3? years with no RP, no voices in my head, before naikitty and I started RPing on IM and it woke up. All I need to do is stop RPing and let time pass, but... I'd like to have fun with it again. :/

I wonder if RPing on some LJ-based thing would work for me better than a MU*? If it wasn't real time, might I like it more? But I sort of think that's like changing characters or MU*: not really addressing the basic issue (whatever the heck that issue is).

It doesn't help that I'm reading through all my old PokeMUSH logs. Two and a half years of RP all day every day. Seriously. My friend and I both had jobs that let us RP at work and didn't keep us very busy, so for all that time we RPed from the moment we woke up to when we went to bed. Two and a half years of that. I wish I had known at the time how... unique of a situation that was. How special and wonderful. (Well, not totally unique, Nai and I did something close to that for a shorter time. :P )

I wish I could figure out what to do. I don't even know a theme I'd like to play, let alone who/what/when/where (and that's even assuming I wanted to give up Thistle or wanted something additional to him, which I have no idea about). RP should be fun, it shouldn't be this darned hard to figure out. :/
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