June 30th, 2008

Hmmm (catboy)

Stupid lottery... (FFXI)

There's one thing I'm very happy about in this whole lottery event: I'm smarter RL than I am in-game. RL I never play the lottery, I know as good as no one ever wins, I know it's stupid to get your hopes up or to waste your money playing. I have no idea why I cannot apply that knowledge in-game...

60 lottery numbers, all I got was one XP scroll on Thistle, eight of them on mules (but only one can use one). On Thistle I was one number away from winning the second highest prize! ARG! 1017 and I had 1317 (and that was on my main too, so wouldn't have been a wasted rare/ex).

Stupid lottery. Stupid me. More stupid me than anything else. At least now I get a ton of space back, but I still feel amazingly stupid for having been involved with this. Lotteries are a tax on the stupid. I guess I'm paid up for this year.
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I'm (not) in the mood for love~ (FFXI)

I really, really didn't want to raise another chocobo, and my MH really doesn't have room for the various trophies anymore, and while the chick costume is cute so are the mandy/bunny ones and I don't use those more than once a year... so all those things would add up to 'So don't chocobo race, stupid!', right? Bah. It annoys me that I can't though. Being able to and deciding not to is one thing, but not doing it because I can't is different. That annoys me.

So tonight I started the long, long, long process of raising a new bird. We're looking at a 60 RL days process here, at the minimum. 60 days of RL checking on it, spending time on it, spending money on its food and meds... Stupid chick, I should stomp you now!

I tell myself this though: A two month investment and then, assuming the bird comes out well, I'll never have to raise another. I'll be set for all the current races and any future ones.

So anyway. My current racer bird, NorthernSea, is being bred to Guppy's uber-racer HitenMiss. Following my usual naming convention, the chick will be NorthernMiss. Father is yellow, mother is red (but I don't care what color it comes out). If this chick isn't born with any abilities, it will die. (I have three more female cards after this one to try again, so I can gleefully kill any lacking chicks.)

On the positive side of the day, I got my fifth merit, which went into lowering Snake Eye again. It's at 7:30 recast now, so just 50K more XP and it'll be done. Campaign may bore me in a regular basis, but I'd never ever ever have as many merits as I do if not for it.

Still haven't RPed, though at least the last couple days I tried! E for Effort?
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