July 1st, 2008



For those who ordered the piano CD, the reason why people in NA didn't get it when ordered from SE:

"This is because SE shipped out their first shipments of limited first edition CDs to their Japanese population. So those who ordered from playasia and amazon.jp received theirs first. Apparently demand was so high that the products set aside for North America were given to the Japanese to fulfill demand, and it was decided that North America will have to wait for their orders."

There's a number to call about orders, and someone got through and got the story from there. Blah.

Other FFXI foo was uneventful. Campaigned a bit, Besieged, ended up with 6K XP. My merit/day is going to go out the window until the stupid chocobo chick is finished. (I need to spend tons of time doing races for chocobucks, on top of chick stuff.)

PS: Watching an egg 40 times is really boring. (40 watches per day for 4 days = it'll hatch with max affection.)

RP: Yay RP! Not one scene but two! And oddly, while I had thought an insane (broken) Thistle would make for more interesting RP, he was mostly stable tonight and that was lots better.

TV: Why didn't Hell's Kitchen finish tonight? Gah! We have to wait a whole week to find out who wins! But yay, new shows starting soon! Big Brother, woo! And Kitchen Nightmare!
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