July 2nd, 2008

Chi_ :o

Would you like a taste of my yum-rocket? (RL, links)

Someone should tell Subway that "Yum-Rocket" is a horrible thing to call their sandwiches. That sounds like about the last thing I'd like to put in my mouth...

Anyway! Lots of links tonight. The first set are all work safe:

I find a lot of confusing things on the Internet. I'm sure they must have stories behind them, but be damned if I can figure out this one. I could understand the people + the masks (though it'd be a stretch), I can easily understand the people + the swords, I can understand either with the snow, but... all together? What in the world? Why? Why rabbits?

The second one I have a hard time posting, mostly because I can't stop staring at it. Dots! Supposedly it's one of those 3D eye trick ones, but I haven't been able to do those in years so I can't confirm that. Still, even as it is it's just... can't stop watching...

This second set is not work safe! It's man/man stuff, so if that bothers you why are you reading my LJ? ;) don't click on them. :) Remember, everything below is NWS unless otherwise marked!

I love love love love my random LJ image site. With it I found a small picture of a man tied and being comforted after being whipped. Oh my god, so hot! I <3 men tied up like that! There are no details shown, I'd even call the image work safe, but man. *melts* I love how brightly colored the rope is, how the two are touching, everything. Mmm.

Following the link from that picture, I found the bestest blog ever. Ruff's Stuff (very very NWS, may be not mind safe for the squeamish). Gay man, into the BDSM comm.

Leather/latex play sure has advanced! Aren't these masks darned cool? Close up of the horse mask. Man, wow. (I'd call both of those links work safe, no skin shown at all. Nothing "sexy", just odd.)

Now this is fricking cool (and hot and NWS). Leather Puppies! Link leads to video (ignore the first 15 second of it). I've heard of horse/pony play, and I knew it could be extended to other animals, but wow. That's so so so cool and so hot. Big muscular men as dogs/puppies! Their tails are so cool, too. :D I love the "dog" with the tattoos. And it's so cool that you can see the puppies' personalities! Eee!

There's some rather intense stuff on that blog, too. Like Suspending a guy by his balls. Just... wow. That's gotta hurt. Wow. But cool to see, cause the guy's into it, but wow. Ow.

Aw man, now I'm all hyper and bouncy again when it's time to go to bed! *wiggles* :D
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