July 4th, 2008


A spoonful of sugar makes the honey go down~ (RL, FFXI)

I hate honey. That's boggled many people. I've heard people say that humans are genetically programed to like honey because it was our first intense sweet taste (helo thar fruit?), and other assorted reasons why I couldn't hate honey. To me, it has a really, really strong flavor that overrides any sweetness from it. I've tried all sorts of honey, made from this flower or that, but it's all the same. All except one kind... the packets from KFC.

Yesterday I had a craving for a biscuit, so I stopped in there and got one. Mmm, warm and rich and salty with fake butter and yummy honey on top. Wondering why KFC honey was the only honey on earth that I liked, I checked out the package. Maybe it would have ingredients listed (though what could be in it, other than honey?). Ha ha ha:

High fructose corn syrup, sugar, honey, corn syrup.

So basically sugar, sugar, honey, sugar. No wonder I liked it! No wonder the harsh taste was hardly there at all! Sheesh...


In FFXI land, wow. The darned ZNM puk can take a flying leap, the other ZNMs are soooooo much easier. We did four runs of Chamrosh (Colibri) and two of Velionis (bones). Man, nothing at all like that puk! 4/4 wins on the bird, 2/2 on the bones. Only one death the whole time with way fewer people (not counting me being damned stupid before we started). Even though our THF had to drop out at the last moment (TH4 to no TH), we did okay on drops. The DRG earring went to our DRG/RNG/WHM (yay Aven!) and that scythe (white joker?) went to one of our mages to skill with (yay Northy), and not-a-BRD-me got that BRD cape (which has a very pretty icon). +4 to string skill, level 74 to use. I ran around town in it admiring the icon. :)

As I've mentioned, I hate sneaking/invisibling more than anything in the game. I have nightmares about sneak/invisible sending off the 'about to drop' messages when you're standing in the middle of a crowd of aggro with no where to recast and no where even to die well. So! I headed out to the bones pop (in the Reef) way early. I figured I could take my time getting there, slow and easy, and be at that fang gate once others gathered. Two jokes on me in that: 1) An imp ate me before I even got out of sight of the gate. >< And it's not even bad enough that I got killed, some idiot /laugh, /cheered, etc me while I was dead. And a bunch of other people got aggro but were able to zone it, I was the only one who had died. Bah! 2) I had just assumed we were doing the bones first, we were actually doing the bird first. *cough* So a totally worthless, stupid death, but niffy was kind enough to come and R3 me. Still, I was kicking myself all day.

The people of Midgar should thank me! I spent much of the weekend dressing the server's mithra in sexy pants! I don't know how you could call those pants, but I'm not complaining. Thanks for giving mithras so many hides, lottery!

...oh man, wait. It's Friday. c.c This doesn't even feel like Saturday anymore, it feels like Sunday. Bah. My head is all messed up time-wise. Oh well! Yay weekend!
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