July 6th, 2008

rainbow terror alert

RL picture + weekend FFXI stuff.

From a pride parade in some city this weekend, comes people with amusing t-shirts! The picture would be funnier if the protesters didn't look so darned angry. :/ I mean sheesh, if you don't like homosexuality, don't sleep with someone of the same sex. Problem solved! (Image is totally work safe, just one "naughty" word in it. No bad images.)


In FFXI land, busy day... sort of. Sort of like 'OMG busy!' ...bored.... Busy! ...bored... busy! As soon as I logged on, I got jumped on by two people to make Dusk crap. I'm really getting tired of these lottery prizes. I've done... eight? dusk synths so far and have made a grand total of one (too small) tip. (I wouldn't take money from LS people or friends like veloxe, but from others? It's expected.) One person kept me standing at the guild for a half-hour. >< I'm really ready to stop synthing for non-LS people, except now and then someone actually gives me a good tip and that keeps me dealing with strangers. Still, I've had enough of this Dusk stuff. Bah.

Then a few hours of downtime, then time for Double Dragonian runs! KS30s! We did really well on drops, plus the fights were easy and fun. Each time we did it, we broke the previous record! I got the Subduer (GS) I wanted and we got three of the four swords (Dissectors) we needed, plus some nice money drops (including a D Cloth). I <3 COR! It's the only refresher job I enjoy playing! I get to DD between rolls and stuff. :) Too bad the Subduer is rather ugly compared to my old sword. Oh well, function over form! I do seem to notice a difference in damage, just eyeballing it.

I really wanted the phoenix feather that was in one of the crates...

After that: bored again. The stupid Zeni woman wanted pictures of wyverns (ha), so I decided to try farming. I didn't really need the money, but this farming resource site made me curious about a couple things, so I headed off to LoO to try farming there. DRK + EP farming = Blah. (I should have gone on RDM, but I'm so used to using DRK for farming...) After a while I went out to camp Buburimboo, the first NM I'd get for that The Miraculous Dale quest. Took almost two hours for him to finally show up, but at least he did. I was happy to see you get a line of text showing it's actually been recorded:

My new chocobo chick, NorthernMiss (NorthernSea x HitenMiss) hatched. Parent level affection (yay watching 40 times/day) and knows Gallop, so it lives. I'm up to 350 chocobucks (aming to get 50/day), so I'll have enough for training and stuff. I actually kind of forgot how cute the stupid little things are, with their eeee little buttwiggles.

Too many cool creatures show up in Sandy_S Campaigns! I get so distracted that I stop fighting and just watch them.

Fishingbot leveled up!

He's still skilling only on lancewood logs. I might try breaksynthing with adaman ingots again soon. :/

Last but not least! Four whole years ago today! Middlebie DRG Aurian and lowbie naked Thistle! And as per usual, Aurian (Nai) was laughing at me. :P It's funny to see "naked" humes so fully dressed, I'm so used to the dat mod naked chest humes. Also, I still boggle at how long I've stuck with this game. Non-gamer me has been playing a MMO about four and a half years now. That's just so wacky. :}
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