July 7th, 2008

Men hugging

What cool times we live in. :D (RL)

I was listening to the radio while driving home for lunch. Typical wedding ring/jewelry store commercial came on.

Man speaking: It was a bit of a stretch, but I knew she was going to wear that diamond ring forever...

At that point I semi-tuned the radio out, wondering if any couples really, really, really believe their relationships will last "forever". Listening with half an ear, next line I heard was:

Woman speaking: When Julie and I tied the knot, I knew the ring would have to be something special...

Buh? Wait, what'd I just hear? 'Julie'? When a woman was speaking? I listened closer to the last of the ad:

Man speaking: I wanted to get something special to place on Rick's finger, something that would really match his style...

I nearly fell out of my chair! :D

I've never ever written to a company about a commercial before (I've really wanted to do it for some negative ones, but it seemed like too much work). But for this one? I hunted down the company's website and sent them off a nice email thanking them for being brave enough to run something like that. :D
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FFXI Fishingbot

Quickie (FFXI)

Because I feel the need to inform everyone of the slightest change in my MH (no, really, because I love looking at my MH whole at work, makes me feel better!), I realized a change needed to be made. I had moved an Imperial Tapestry to Chaser's MH because I ran out of wallspace in Thistle's, but wouldn't it fit exactly perfect in with the theme? The ToAU half of my MH is almost complete! Once I get the end-of-the-missions flag, it'll take the fish's place, then everything will be done.

Speaking of, I need to get onto that. All I need is one more person and we can do the last darned ToAU mission battle. I should get onto that tomorrow...

Stupid woodworking: I decided to give breaksynthing with adaman ingots another try. Recall that a LS person told me he got five levels of woodworking, 95-100, on two stacks of ingots. I bought two more ingots today (100K total), and got three synths out of them before they were lost. Zero skillups. So that's a total of eight ingots (400K gil), ten synths total, a big fat zero skillups. Yeah. Not going to try this again.

And on the subject of throwing gil away, I'm thinking I almost have to get leveling Chaser's gold. She has about 20 ori rings (worth about 300K each) and maybe 10 elemental beads to skill on... but she needs to get about 5 levels of gold first (93-98). Either I need to get onto that or just sell the damned ori instead of making rings out of it. :/

I really wonder why I craft. I have to be insane to be losing this much money for "nothing". :/ Oh well, to bed I go!
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