July 8th, 2008

FFXI: Chaser GS

Wasted yet productive day (FFXI, RL)

Some much wasted time, yet I got good stuff done, too!

The good:
- ToAU 44 date set! Woo! I have a good feeling about this. :D
- Chaser hit Gold 94.5! 400K in plat ingots bought (ugh), but level 93 still ended up in profit because most of the plat/stones came from chocobo digging. It was too early, but I needed space so I did the level 74 elemental ring synths (gold 102). She didn't even fail one, yay! And each will sell for about 300K, which rocks since I made all of them for 100% free! (Ori gotten from digging, ores came from digging or growing them.) Now that is how you skill goldsmithing! It may be slow, but 100% profit = yay! I traded Thistle's flame rings in for a pair signed by her. :)

The bad:
- I tried to farm for tree cuttings. (Why not make my ores 100% free, right?) Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. More than an hour of farming gave me three mosses and nothing else (/THF). Blech.
- Since I was in the area and the time was right, I decided to just check on Noble Mold. Just check, peek in and then go home. I ended up standing there for three hours. >< I hate that mob, but I want a rain hat so bad!

The RL:
- It's so darned hot and dry that my contacts are killing me. I step outside and they give little screams and try to jump off my eyes. All the smoke around here doesn't help...
- I <3 my doctor so much! She's so amazingly positive. My bloodwork keeps getting better and better (yay!) and she says such good things about me. I wish all doctors were like that. I know I'm overweight, I know I need to lose weight, nagging is the exact wrong thing to do. She never ever nags, and she's so honestly happy for me when I do well.

The future, RL:
- As soon as this heat wave breaks, I need to get back to exercise. I hate doing it, but it's one of the last changes I need to make. I just need to stick with it (for once)!

Edit: WTF at the end of Hell's Kitchen? Bah. >
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