July 9th, 2008


Way to go, Microsoft (RL)

If you cannot connect to the Internet then how are you reading this? and you use Zone Alarm, see these links:


Microsoft's update overnight made it so anyone using Zone Alarm can't access the net. 9.9

Zone Alarm people recommend you uninstall the Windows patch, but for me lowering Zone Alarm's internet security from high to medium fixed it. (I don't like leaving it lower than high, but for now I'll leave it that way...)

Comcast (who I mistakenly called first) recommended leaving Zone Alarm totally off, but gah. No fire wall protection? Thanks, but no.
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Bad to worse (FFXI)

Title of yesterday's post was "Wasted yet productive day", today was yesterday minus the productiveness.

Poor Mert, LS THF in our ToAU mission group, wanted me to make him dusk trousers. It was new moon/Darkday. He decided he wanted to try for HQ even with higher synth risk... and the damned hide was lost. Bah bah bah. On one hand, at least it wasn't worth seven million gil like the first one I lost, but... man. I knew it was going to happen eventually. :/ Bah.

For the rest of new moon/Darkday I worked on Goldsmithing Chaser, trying to HQ low level rings to sell. She was 50 or 70 levels over cap, yet she failed over and over and HQed only two. Gods above, what the hell?

However! The day was going to end well! RP was supposed to happen in an hour! But what could I do until then? Hitting wiki, I saw that Tumbling Truffle was supposedly an hour spawn, and he's on the list for that god awful NM quest. So I went out to camp him.

Hour one: No NM.
Hour two: No NM, no people for RP. Hmmm.
Hour three: No NM, one person never showed for RP and it was too late to expect him anymore.
Forty-five minutes later the damned NM finally showed.

Mert found the Japanese take on the quest, which makes amazing sense to me. Quote:
"The reward (59630 gil) is a Japanese goroawase wordplay joke. Dropping the zero, the number is 5963, which when enunciated in Japanese, gives Go Ku Roku San, or "Gokuro-san", which generally means "someone who is hard working", or in some cases someone who has been manipulated into doing a difficult task."

I hate camping NMs. It's my third least favorite thing to do on the game (right after dying and sneak/invisibling) so why the hell is this quest bugging me that I don't have it done? I'm not a quest-obsessed person! If a quest does not have some reward I want, I never bother with it! 59K is nothing, so why am I doing this? Arg!

So all around highly sucky night. Grumble.
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