July 13th, 2008


Double your dragon-- oops, they're dead (FFXI)

The most interesting part of the day was our Double Dragonian runs. Someone had the nerve to beat our record from last week, so it was a matter of honor that we take it back! Other person's record: 4:40, our first new one: 3:20 (with some buffing and stuff). Take that, person we don't know! But better than resetting the record, we discovered how fun it was to go balls to the wall on this. Taking care about hate? Who needs it when the dragon would be dead before it could do much! And it was surprisingly fun to be chased around the BC by them. :D

I finally made an effort to get a screenshot of it, though because of the cone AoE I was never in front of it. Elves shoot so much cooler than Humes. :( If I ever had to reroll in FFXI, I'd be amazingly tempted to be an elf so I could grope myself have all the cool poses. One day I'll have to ask a RNG why they don't use guns more than crossbows. Better DoT, I guess? But guns generally do more damage per shot? I've always wondered that, especially since RNGs get better bullets than CORs.

Everyone who needed a Dissector got one, so the rest of them went freelot. Isn't it a cool looking sword? I'm tempted to unlock it (500 WS points) just based on looks, but unfortunately COR can't use it (BRD and RDM can though). Boo.

This was highly amusing:

There had been a big big big argument on the LS boards as to the weapon being worth unlocking or not (please please please do not tell me your opinion on the matter), so it's kind of amusing that I lotted so well for it. :P 500 WS points to unlock it. Unfortunately not likely to happen no matter if it's worth it or not.

I (finally) cleared my gun of trials tonight (soloed the last 150 WS points), so I was able to get inventory +1 once I handed it in. Next up: 500 points to unlock my Subduer. :/ All this is after I soloed 500 points to unlock my Coffenmaker, and 500 on my axe. I'm so tired of these weapons that need to be broken!

Lastly, I found a NM on the way to the BC. Thousandarm Someoneorother. Usually it wouldn't be worth posting, except how I killed him. Wiki lists him as having 400 HP. Heehee, overkill anyone? Pow pow pow!

Chocbucks update: 900 gotten, 100 to go. x.x

RP: Yay! Finally got a little scene. Was getting twitchy! It's been a couple days! *bouncie*
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