July 14th, 2008


Yay harp! (FFXI, RP... mostly FFXI)

My harp* finally arrived, yay! I took a screenshot of it, but then I rearranged my MH and didn't take another picture, so... no screenshot. You'll have to trust me that it looks cool! (* I know, I know. That should be "My CD finally arrived!" but I had the CD downloaded long long ago and I wouldn't have bought it if not for the in-game harp. I threw the CD into a drawer, never even tried playing it.)

Yay RP! Even though it was short and both the other person and I had to AFK for a half-hour in the middle of the scene (at different times), so we didn't get much done other than fully agreeing that we hated the new city we're stuck in. :P

And back to FFXI, I'm pondering the unthinkable. I really want Retrace. I'd go to Campaign more often if it were easier to get to the past. (Like paying 300 gil to get to Besieged!) Problem is, I hate BLM more than any other job in the game. All the assholes I know in game are BLM 75s. (I'm tempted to say "all the BLM 75s I know are assholes", but I'm sure I'd be overlooking some nice one. Do I have one on my flist? Oops, iniadelphinae is and she's nice! (Please don't shoot me if you're also a BLM and I'm overlooking you. :} ) So my original statement is the one I'll go with. ;) ) I hate the job and don't want to level it. But... I want Retrace. BLM is 37 now for subjob purposes, but... do I want to take it to 55? I wouldn't do the AF. (Why'd I ever do WHM AF feet? Inventory -1, blah. I should drop them.) I do kind of need a new project to work on, and this has been poking me for a while. (Edit: Hm, maybe I should see how easy it is to buy a retrace in WG? That might be easier than leveling it myself, using it, then having to run across the zone to change jobs in my MH...)

I wonder how long it takes to get to 55? In these ToAU days? (I still have my anni ring, too!) I can't remember the last time I XPed in a random party. I wonder how much of that I can put up with. :/

Maybe I'll look into this once we're (hopefully!) done with ToAU 44 on Thursday. Eeee, I wish I could start packing for that now! So nervous and excited and eee hearing the cool cool cool music again soon! Man, I love ToAU. :D

And lastly, I harvested Kat's plants, but it was a really sucky harvest (I think, this was only her second one). 9 pots (1 had been growing something else) and only 1 ore. :/ I got like 8.5 stacks of silver leaves, and each leaf vendors for 255, so that money was nice, but I wanted ores... I also started a couple random pots on Thistle, but it's just random stuff I happened to get, so no biggie if it dies (can't change his moghancement). Some wildgrass seeds and a cactus stem. Kat planted a mix of cuttings and saplings, just whatever she had on hand.
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