July 16th, 2008


FFXI foo

I've been just treading water in FFXI lately. Getting my daily work done, racing for chocobucks (up to 960-something), then mostly just staring at my moogle. Yesterday I made myself Campaign for a merit so I could raise Quick Draw acc for ToAU 44 tomorrow, hopefully that'll help.

In Campaign I spotted a new WS, and the LS comment sums up the reaction I had to it:

I've been trying to clean Thistle's safe/locker/storage out, and I noticed I still had a Sawfish in it, so I shipped it off for Fishingbot to synth. I wish they hadn't renamed it. The Big One was a better name than 'stuffed "Big One" '.

Ha! I traded it out for Thistle's unsigned one. I should put the signed one into Fishingbot's bazaar with his signed fishing poles. Who wouldn't want to fish with a pole with 'Fishingbot' written on it? :D

Though I have them all, I only have room for two mannequins in my layout. I switched out the hume for an elf, and once I saw his special pose I knew exactly what he needed... Kegger time! I'm kind of thinking about reworking that corner of my MH into a bar...

And I made an impulse purchase tonight. Usually that's not a bad thing, but tonight it was. I've been wanting a buckler plaque for years, literally years. It's one of the reasons I started leveling gold on Chaser (though it needs wood and cloth subs, and I only just finished her wood sub and still haven't touched cloth). Finally one was up at the AH! They only sell a couple a year! So I grabbed it! ...then I remembered. I already had to take stuff I like off my walls for lack of space, and if we beat ToAU 44 tomorrow I'll get a new wall thing... Plus the sword plaque kind of looks better than the buckler plaque... So, bah. I guess I'll put it on a mule's wall. Maybe Chaser's, to mock her slacker ass.

And a screenshot from two years ago today!

Our server's most well known gilseller! He even had a (non-GS) LS named after him! I have no idea what he was saying there, but he saved some mission-party of mine from a bomb once and ever since then he /waved to me and we exchanged words a few times. At least one of the players behind CLF was nice, and to be totally honest I miss seeing him around. (Gilsellers are bad, yeah. But he was nice and he wasn't named something like Midhjreghea. Heck, I wonder if the name is free? If I needed another mule, I'd name it that. Oh poo, looks like it's taken by a real player. Aww.)

Tomorrow: ToAU 44! Eek! Hope I'm ready and I didn't forget anything!

Edit: Oh god, hee. I never replaced my Darwin Fish when it fell off my car, but I should do so with this. :D
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