July 17th, 2008


Close should count in horseshoes, hand grenades, and ToAU missions. (FFXI)

So. Damned. Close.

Our best attempt at ToAU 44: Alex down to 2% and we timed out. 2%! So close! Arg!

At least we know we can do it with this group. :}

I know a few people were curious about our fight since they need to do it, so I'll pass along: Darkday seems to be a highly bad day to do it on. With our first wacky party setup (WHM, WHM, RDM, COR, MNK, THF) we had walked all over the BLU. Our better party (PLD, WHM, COR, MNK, THF, DRK) wiped to the BLU three times (first form twice, second once) all on Darkday. Once the day changed, it was better.

I brought in 40 hi pots, two full tanks, and walked out with none. (Though I did share a lot of them.) Must bring more next time.

Personal high point of the fight for me: Keeping the darned Immortal asleep for nearly 10 minutes straight. Hope you enjoyed having your ass owned by a Corsair, stupid Immortal! Light Shot after Light Shot, no resists!

Next time! But arg, So Darned Close! Arg!
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