July 18th, 2008


FYI: Catlove/mail down | ToAU 44

Stupid, stupid Catlove's hosting is down. Again. This has become a monthly thing. It's been down two days now, no response from my hosting company even though I emailed them twice. As soon as my time with them expires, I'll have to find someplace new.

So anyway, I haven't seen any LJ comments in two days. I'm not ignoring folks on purpose, sorry. :/

I also have peachy keen screenshots, once I can upload stuff again.


In FFXI land, bah. More than 24 hours later I'm still kicking myself and going over every element of that darned fight. If my 2 hour had done something good (instead of giving the melees back MP), we would have won. If if if if if if if...

Darned Corsairs, being double weakened = no DD abilities at all. I was weakened x4 or x5 at the very end and I still tried Ice Shots when he was at 2%. Shooting was worthless, I tried meleeing (with my fire staff, ha), and of course did nothing.

If if if if if...

It was a fun fight, and I am looking forward to doing it again (oddly), but I'm still kicking myself. If only...

I may be going as DRK the next time, which will be roughly a katrabillion times easier than any other of my 75 jobs. Two-person stun rotation? I could do that in my sleep! But anyway, I need three merits before Thursday, so I can buy Dark Seal. Got one today.

2%. If we hadn't have gotten so close, I don't think this would be gnawing at me like it is. If only I had done this, if only I had done that. Did rolls fall off the melees at some point? Maybe the reduction in damage made the difference. Should I have shot more instead of trying to keep two rolls on melees, two different rolls on tank, one roll on mage? If if if if if if...
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