July 19th, 2008


And reason #474710470 that San Francisco > *

George W. Bush Sewage Plant makes the ballot! Quote:

SAN FRANCISCO - A measure seeking to commemorate President Bush's years in office by slapping his name on a San Francisco sewage plant has qualified for the November ballot.

The measure certified Thursday would rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Supporters say the idea is to commemorate the mess they claim Bush has left behind by actions such as the war in Iraq.

Local Republicans say the plan stinks and they will oppose it.

Ha ha ha ha, how great and fitting is that! I <3 this area. :D
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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (link, FFXI)

Edit: It's been brought to my attention that Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is being taken off the net on July 20th at midnight -- in about 24 hours as of this editing! Do not delay watching it! You don't want to miss it. :D

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is just... wow. I laughed more during the three 15 minute eps than I do in a month's worth of TV, and the quality of it was higher than any movie I've seen in the last year.

I love musicals. I even loved Cop Rock (raise your hand if you remember that show). The musical ep of Buffy was my favorite one of the series, so it should be no surprise that I'd love another musical done by Joss Whedon.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the main character of the story, Dr. Horrible. He's easily the cutest, nerdiest bad guy I've ever seen. I never really realized what a good actor he is. He could crack me up with a simple look, a little change in his expression, a lifting of his eyebrows. And did I mention he's sooooo cute in this?

Nathan Fillion was the hero of the story, so amazingly clueless, so stereotypical, so so so so so so funny. I think I laughed every moment he was on the screen. Felicia Day was the love-interest, and she was quite cute as well. :)

But as good as the actors were, the songs were what made it for me. They weren't just forced in, everything flowed -- it was totally believable that the characters just suddenly started singing.

So if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! Three ~15 minute eps. I should have probably expected the ending, but I totally didn't. I'm glad I hadn't guessed, because it hit me nice and hard. :D


In FFXI land, I campaigned enough for two more merits. Add them to the one I got yesterday, and I got my three for Dark Seal for Thursday. I also bought the most horrible looking scythe in the land (Perdu Sickle), god that looks like some BLM's little toy weapon. :/ I just have to find out what food DRK Mal used last week, then I'll be all set for the next run!

Tomorrow my stupid little racing bird turns into a teen, so we'll see if he's colored or not.

Catlove is still down. >< I'll reply to comments as soon as I can.

No clue what I'll be doing tomorrow, other than not Campaigning. </3 Campaign so much. Edit: Ha ha ha Catlove just came back up! Yay! Maybe I'll post again later with the screenshots I've been sitting on!
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