July 20th, 2008


Screenshots and Sunday (FFXI)

What a nice relaxing day! I mostly just sat around and watched TV and enjoyed the cool weather. (A high of 68 in the middle of July? Yay!) I was hoping to RP on the MUX, but the one person who came within range all day wasn't RP_OK. :/ I keep hoping that this new TP will somehow shrink the whole grid, so anyone can go anywhere for RP, heh. Maybe the sea monster will eat all the cities one by one, until everyone's stuck in one? :P

My cat responds to very little TV or computer-wise. However, she hates that new in-game harp that came with the CD. She sits up and pins her ears back and glares at the speakers. I guess there's some note in the song that she doesn't like.

I didn't Campaign today, yay! However, when I got bored, I camped some NMs for that darned quest. Blubbery Bulge, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, and Trickster Kinetix. BB took about an hour and a half. Ropipi took only an hour today, but I had camped him five hours a couple days ago. Trickster took almost two.

Last night some CTY chick needed G2 done, so I went along to help and to get credit for those kills. Unfortunately she took 90 minutes to get packed and ready. c.c I was online two hours later than I should have, but oh well.

Anyway, screenshots!

This amused me muchly. I had wanted to post it the night we did 44, but my hosting was down then: Um, sorry Dani? Not bad enough you're dead, you have Corsairs tripping over your face. Hee.

As you can see from that screenshot, I bought the Pahluwan body for 44. I didn't think it was enough of a stats boost to make me have to store another rare/ex, but the fight was important enough that I upgraded. At least it doesn't look too bad... I still like my frac better though.

This also would have been more amusing that night, I don't have the same emotional response this many days later:

I don't care much about Alex. It's a robot/puppet thing, it doesn't even move or turn. It's like fighting a sleepy turtle (that can one-shot a PLD). That damned BLU though, he makes it personal. He wants to eat my soul. He threatens to chew the meat from my bones. Well, Mr. Immortal, I hope you enjoy being killed by us so often! Perhaps on Thursday you can do the smart thing and just step aside and let us get to Alex? And PS: Those were bullets, not arrows. Perhaps you were in too much pain to tell. Stupid Immortal.

I don't think I've ever grown a cactus before. I got one by chance, and I had an extra pot, so I planted it in Thistle's MH. This is really, really odd looking:

On my mules, I don't really track what they own more than in a general way. One holds weapons/armor, one holds crafting stuff, one holds unstacked stuff, and Chaser holds all metals/gold stuff. As I get stuff from chocobo digging, I just send it to the right mule and they throw it in bank/storage. I don't really look through their stuff unless they get full or I need something. That leads to nice surprises like this:

Holy cow, Chaser! Have enough gold ingots?! (I get lots of coins through digging, so she just melts them down and tosses them into storage.) I guess I should sell those or something...

Fishingbot leveled up:

I think that's as far as he can go. Lancewood logs are up to 9-10K, double what they started as. And since I get one skill up every 10-12 logs... that's darned expensive. There is no other route to 100. (Breaksynthing with adaman ingots was nothing but a horror, hundreds of thousands of gil gone with no skillups. The alternate synth needs a wood that goes into those new 20 storage furnitures, so the price on that has gone through the roof. Those are the two options.) However, that's 98 +2 (+support if he needs it) so he's high enough to make anything I need.

Lastly, since I'll be going to 44 on DRK this Thursday, I invested in that horrible looking IS purchased scythe. Does this look deadly? In the least? Why does it look so much like a BLM's scythe? :( I'm not 100% sure about using it, my GS skill is actually one higher than my scythe skill, but today's DRKs seem to love their Guillotines! I feel odd, being so out of the DRK-loop. It used to be my main job...

Oh. Racing chick turned out yellow, but that doesn't really matter. I'm going for stats/skills, I don't care about the color.

All day down time tomorrow! Blech, I'll have all my daily work to do in the evening instead of being able to get it done over lunchtime.
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