July 22nd, 2008

FFXI: Dark Knight (current)

44 will un-gimp me yet (FFXI)

My days of all white boxes on DRK are over. Sniffle! Amir Boots have better stats than Thick Sollerets +1, but I don't usually do enough on DRK, plus I <3 my HQs, so I was putting off upgrading.



Gah! D: Well at least I was wrong about the Sollerets, I had remembered buying them for 4M. At least it was only 1.5 million down to 100K? At least I got years of happy use out of them, especially when I only played DRK.

Between this and buying my Pahluwan jacket for COR, my AP have taken a big hit. I'm considering if I want to join one, next time an assault static is forming.

So very sad, DRK had been my only job that matched! How rare is it for a 75 job's armor to match! It still looks okay, even though I'm not totally dark anymore.

Spent almost three hours camping Daggerclaw Draco before he finally showed up. ~.~ Darned NM quest.

That's about it. zzzzz Hopefully I'll find something more interesting than camping NMs to do tomorrow.
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Can't sleep, clowns will eat me (RL, links)

Blah. I'm in one of my not-sleeping periods. I hope this isn't a long one. I'm really tired, but my brain is wide awake and running a thousand miles a minute. Please don't let this be a months-long no sleeping period. zzzzz

Anyway, some links! Something to offend everyone!

This comic is simple but keeps making me giggle. Likely to offend: Religious people.

Yeah... You go on with your unbiased self. Irony at its finest, from Fox News. Likely to offend: Fox news fans?

Okay, I guess that's not everyone. If you weren't offended, you can line up for a refund or wait for more links tomorrow.

Ha ha, I reread the comic to try to judge if it would really offend anyone, and I giggled again. It's very silly and I'm very tired. :D Edit: I keep rereading it trying to judge because I don't want to really offend anyone, and the last panel just keeps catching me and making me giggle more. Both bits of dialog in it. Heehee. "Oh no!"
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