July 23rd, 2008


Digging and stuff (FFXI)

Good digging day, set a new personal record on elemental ores. Two! Unfortunately they were lightning, blech. I tossed them up at the AH, intending to buy fire once they sold, and before I could even check my sales status they had been bought. Yay! Bought the fire ores at only slightly higher price, sent them to Chaser, and she made two Flame Rings. Whew!

Skilling on these level 74 stats rings is killing me, I have a heart attack each time. Ori ring (300K value), elemental bead (~100K), on a skillup synth. Thank god she hasn't had a break yet.

Anyway, the two Flame Rings were signed and sent off to Beanie, yay! I only have four ori rings left, so once I use those up her synths will be dead slow. All these rings are "free" (sort of) to make. I get the ori and plat through chocobo digging for her to make the ingots -> rings, and the ores come from digging or gardening. The slight investment to change the lightning ores into fire ores has been my only layout, so so far these are good profit (again, sort of -- I could sell the ingots/ores and make more money than selling the rings).

Tomorrow is ToAU 44. I'm oddly calm. Almost "blah". I blame the major, major lack of sleep in the last week. I did more upgrades on my DRK armor; I don't think there's anything that can be bought with money that can be improved. (I just feel bad about my stuff because Mal has Sky/HNM LS/whatever stuff that I don't have, not to mention an elf's strength to back it up.) Hope everything goes well.

In general, I like BG. They're a good resource, have/find tons of information, and are generally entertaining to read. Not helpful is me going there and asking (on the newbie board, so no trolling permitted) advice on an element of 44. One of the responses was "I don't know what you're doing wrong. I beat it 3/3 times, it's an easy fight". B-fucking-S it's an easy fight. I don't know anyone in all the time ToAU has been out who has called 44 easy. Bah.

Bedtime, I'm exhausted, but I don't feel like sleeping at all. If I remember, tomorrow I'll take one of those over the counter sleeping pills. (Too late to do it tonight.) Hate not sleeping. zzzz
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