July 24th, 2008


I don't like TOAU 44 anymore. (FFXI)

I don't even like the music to ToAU 44 anymore.

First attempt: Woo woo! We got Alex to 4% before timing out! But unlike last week's 2%, we weren't all dead at the end, so improvement?

Unfortunately that was the high point of the night.

Second attempt: BLU kicked our ass. Our borrowed RDM chainspell-nuked him to just over half dead, which meant we could melee the rest and the next two forms. That worked out well, until he did some 1000+ WS to our tank (not Eyes On Me, a WS). Then he turned around and did the same thing to me, 1K+ again. Everyone else quickly died.

Third attempt actually went worse. BLU kicked our asses and made us cry like girls.

What a mess. I have no idea what we're doing wrong, other than dying ("lol"). Not knowing what we're doing wrong, I have no clue how to fix it.

I'd like to see how the fight would go on a neutral day. We've always been stuck with Lightsdays and Darksdays so far.

Really, really frustrated.
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