July 25th, 2008

Men hugging

Bored, and even random images are failing me. (RL, FFXI)

When all else fails, when I need to kill a couple minutes or a couple hours, I love my random LJ image sites. Unfortunately, like so much on the Internet, spam is killing it. Some Russian porn sites have discovered the free advertising that comes with it and set up LJ after LJ and spam it with nothing but porn site advertisement pictures.

You'd think porn would be entertaining enough, but this not only is the most vanilla, boring stuff, it's the same boring stuff over and over (if I see one more dazed-looking 90 pound woman with a giant guy in her mouth, or one more ultra close up of held-open woman-bits...).

I'm all for porn, yay porn!, but how about something a little more exciting? A little different? Sheesh.


In FFXI land... nothing! For lack of anything else, I was going to make some ammo to sell (so very poor right now), but I'm out of the fletchings I need and none are up at the AH. So: Nothing.

I did get that vent thing working for our 44 attempt next week! It was so embarrassing to talk on it though. :P I was nervous so I kept talking too fast. (And I have no idea if I was too loud or anything, I couldn't hear what I sounded like.)

However! In addition to hearing what everyone sounds like :D the whole thing was worth it for one part: There's nothing like one guy saying to another "Come over here, I wanna buff you.". Heeheehee. Thanks for the great mental images, guys. :D

No clue what I'm going to do tomorrow... or Sunday... I keep getting the itch to level PLD, but leveling any job would mean I have to do the AF, and I refuse to deal with keys and coffers ever again. (Not to mention, PLD AF is useful. Not to mention, it has some of the very worst coffer locations. GC? EN? Castle Z-whatever? Blech!) Maybe I'll level BST instead. I know its AF is useful as well, but I'm BST 25 now and so it would take me about 84798175401301 years to get to AF levels.
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