July 31st, 2008


"I don't like TOAU 44 anymore. (FFXI)"

Permit me to reuse the subject line from last week.

We're 0/13 on this damned fight. It's not even close to fun anymore.


We got Alex to 12% once (with all of us alive), ~20% once (1-2 dead?), and I don't remember the third attempt (50%?).

I wish we could fit another DD into our lineup, but we need a tank. (When I got hate, I died. No exception to that.) We need a refresher. We need a WHM. We can only bring six in.

Before tonight I thought about switching me for a BRD and doing PLD, WHM, BRD/WHM, MNK, DRK, THF. Achi's MNK could help kill the first BLU faster with formless strikes, but the main selling point for BRD is Light Carol to help the tank live, and Vel lived totally fine as-is. (I don't think he died even once?)

Mal has WAR 75 I think. I wonder if switching his DRK out for WAR would be better. So long as we sleep the BLU when it 2 hours, we could do fine with one stun. PLD, WHM, RDM, WAR, DRK, THF.

This is just so damned frustrating. Multiple people have said it's luck, but so many losses? I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what we need to change.

PS: Cakes aren't the only thing that are a lie. The fortune cookie I got with lunch said "A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon." The cookie is a lie, too.

PPS: The one fun part about the evening was Vent. It was fun chatting and laughing with everyone, and there was this one chick with the hottest British accent! Mmmm.
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