August 1st, 2008


Silly brain (RL, FFXI)

Last night I had a dream. I forget what it was about, but that wasn't the important part of it. In it I kept hitting my F12 key (my FFXI screenshot key) and kept saying to myself "When I post about my dream tomorrow, I'll be able to include pictures of it! Then everyone will know what I'm talking about!" I was taking some darned good screenshots, and when I first woke up I was all excited to post... until I realized there weren't really any screenshots. Heehee.


In FFXI land, I may end up shooting myself during Summerfest. It's another "spam emotes at NPCs" one. That's all well and good, except you have to use the /dance emotes. Worst Fricking Things ever added to FFXI. I never use them, I don't want to use them, I don't want to see them, now the whole damned city is going to be /dancing for weeks. I'm going to have to /dance. Grrrrrr.
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