August 2nd, 2008


Chocobo racing/raising, screenshots (FFXI, TV)

TV first: When I think back on the Oz series (men in prison, not Wizard of), I don't recall the later seasons with any fondness at all. The only plot element that ever comes to mind was that horrible 'aging drug' arc. However, there was a whole lot more than that, and some surprisingly good stuff. I had totally forgotten that there was a musical ep! (Men in prison singing, yes. :D ) I love musical eps!

Oz is such a heavy series though, it always kills me to sit down and watch a half-season in one sitting. In Demand releases it a half-season at a time though, and I just can't resist watching it all. But it's so dark and heavy and emotional -- I feel drained and exhausted even before I get to the last ep. This set of eps featured this rape (well, gangrape) that was so emotional (the aftermath of it, the act wasn't even shown), it just killed me. This poor guy sitting naked afterwards, half curled-up, shaking, cringing from even his friend who found him. You could just see from the set of his shoulders and curl of his back how hurt he was by it.

How out-there Oz used to be! (And sort of is, I guess.) Men openly kissing (gah, one couple is so fricking hot! Just a kiss melts me!) , and of course tons of M/M sex/rape. Lots of power play and various emotional reactions, too. Mmmm. And the number of naked men just walking around! So many penises dangling and swaying this way and that. It's so odd to see that much male nudity so... open. Very cool but odd. :D <3 Oz!


FFXI: Thank god for Oz, because otherwise my brain would have squirmed out of my ear and ran off. I spent 12 hours doing chocobo racing for chocobucks. 12 hours of the same damned CS, dialog, hitting enter at the same places, all that. Gah. I was shocked and sad to see my gil, too: Today's racing alone cost me over 250K! Gah gah.

However! gbeans came to my rescue! She gave me four racing training tokens! That saved me many, many, many hours. DIS got two levels up today, thanks to that! That means I'm, um, sort of halfway done. (I call it halfway done to help keep me sane, but it's not exactly really.) One more DIS level and one more END level through chocobucks training, and then STR and REC through overnight training care plans, capped off with bucks-training as needed. *babble*babble* No one probably cares about this other than me. :P

For veloxe, this is the shield dat mod xvolph (Tenshihi) and I mentioned on Vent: Is it not beautiful? I switched it out for my little RDM shield, though it feels silly. The shield was a little round buckler type, now it's a big massive one. :P

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Is it some language I'm not understanding? Some geek-speak thing? He continued to /tell me more stuff like that after those lines.

And lastly, my cactus finally "bloomed". This is the oddest looking thing I've ever seen:

The glowing lines would alternate between that and totally dark, so it would "pulse" at you. Freaky.
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