August 4th, 2008


Aw man. :( :( :( (FFXI)

From today's update, the ToAU AF2s are going to come from Dynamis. Bah bah bah bah. Mumble.

Not only that, Corsair's is ugly as hell. :/ I can only hope that the screenshots don't do it justice. (Remember how COR AF1 screenshots made it look amazingly awful?)

I really, really don't want to do Dynamis. :( God.

Doing something I hate for horribly ugly armor. That's so wrong. (Welcome to FFXI!)

So now the question is: Do I start doing Dynamis now so I can work on points and be more likely to be permitted to lot when the time comes, or do I put it off?

Or I could just ignore COR AF2 and go about my game-life doing other things. c.c

And if I do go, who do I go with?

Too many questions for a Monday morning. :/

Stupid Dynamis. :/
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Chocolate dessert

Avatar: The Last Airbender and FFXI

(Icon because I'd kill for some chocolate right now. I'd love to buy a cake and eat all the frosting off it, lick every last bit off it, then eat some of those chocolate covered cream-filled donuts, maybe a dozen or so of them. Then some brownies and a whole bunch of chocolate cookies with chocolate chips in them. And a jar of that pourable fudge stuff you can microwave and pour onto ice cream...)

I've heard nothing but good things about Avatar, so when downtime got extended three hours I decided to put the time to good use and look for the eps online. Yay! They have (almost) all of them online!

I'm only up to ep #7, but wow do I love it. (I missed ep #2 and #3 because one was in Spanish and the other one was such bad quality it was unwatchable -- a third ep had its soundtrack about 30 seconds off from the image, but I put up with that one.) I love the world they set up, like how most animals are so close to ours yet just a little off. I love the "poses" the characters do when bending, so totally martial arts-ish! I love the humor in the series, especially when it's subtle and it takes you a moment of delay before you laugh. I haven't yet encountered one character I don't like, which is really really rare for me.

The voice acting (and actors) thus far have been outstanding. It was fun recognizing voices. :)

There's just one thing that could have made me fall 100% in love with the series, but I'm not surprised they didn't do it -- the ep where the earthbenders were imprisoned by the firebenders and kept on the ship, away from any earth? I was so hoping for a non-happy ending on that one -- let the prisoners have stayed, not have a change of heart and fight back. But it's a cartoon on Nickelodeon, so I wasn't really expecting anything but the ending we got. (Still, I'm really surprised something of this quality is on Nick. I can't remember the last time I watched a show on that station!)

So much <3 for the series! I can't wait to watch the rest.


In FFXI land, blah. A total lack of sleep and too much pain did not make today's extended downtime any cheerier.

I was the 106th person back on the server... and there were already four people digging in one side of the Desert and three on the other. *holds head* I never try to dig there other than after downtimes, and even then it's bad.

I've been thinking about Dynamis pretty much nonstop today. I feel like it's something I "should" do, but god don't I hate "should"s in a damned game. When it comes down to it, I "should" do Sky and join a HNM LS to get the top stuff, if I'm going to act on "should" why should I just do Dynamis and not the other two? But I strongly don't want to. I've let myself not do Sky and stuff because "I don't want to", so I should let myself not do Dynamis, too. I really hate whatever's inside me that makes me want to turn FFXI into a job, into work, something that has to be done "right".

And speaking of non-fun things I make myself do, an hour tonight on top of the 11 from yesterday = enough chocobucks to do the last bump of DIS for my racing chocobo. Now I need another 560 bucks (12 hours of racing) to get enough for the last END bump, then I need at least another 1K on top of that... (At least I can watch Avatar while doing this, that's something.)

Very grumpy and down and tired. I'm sure the three are related. zzzzz
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