August 6th, 2008


Airbender and FFXI

Mmm, still loving the show! I'm halfway through the second season.

Good things:
Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Did I mention Zuko? He's easily my favorite character in the whole show, hands down, lightyears more than any other. The end of the last ep I saw, where he's screaming up at the storm (the heavens) how it's never held back (hurting him) before, to do it now, and he starts crying? Eeeee. And the pain he's been through all his life? And how darned messed up his sister is? :D Mmmmmmm. Love him so much.

Bad things:
After the show being able to do no wrongs, there were two eps in a row that I disliked. On one hand, that shocked me -- the show had been so perfect thus far! But on the other hand, no other show I've ever watched had been so perfect for a season and a half. The Avatar Day ep (Aang lets himself be put on trial) and the one after that, The Blind Bandit (professional wrestling spoof). Blind Bandit especially annoyed me -- the cartoon had done such a great job of setting up its own world, its own reality, to reference ours really broke that mood for me. And I think it was in The Chase that they did something like that again -- very much a shootout in a typical Old West movie setting. (Was this what you had meant in your comment, quasilemur? Or were you talking about more subtle things?)

The animals seem to have gotten less creative in the second season. In the first, they were more like 'RL animals with a slight twist', and in the second season they're all 'two animals mixed together'. Cow-pig, moose-saber toothed tiger, etc.

But all in all, I'm still totally loving the show. I wish Zuko had been the main character though. :P


Done with chocobucks training! (Sort of.*) Yay! 48 hours of racing (and I don't mean going to work/sleep during a 48 hour period -- 48 straight hours of this racing crap) and Endurance and Discernment are now finished! Strength is currently being worked on with overnight care plans, and then Receptivity the same way. However, the overnight plans are soooooo slow I'm considering doing chocobucks training at the same time. :( I'm insane! Or at least impatient. (*I still need 1K bucks on top of any additional training I do. That's another 25 hours of racing. :/ )

I got an XP invite while racing. I have to say, this is the most tempting offer I've ever had!

I get a Ridill if I come and XP? That'd actually be enough to get me out there! (Name removed because he was a nice guy, even though I laughed at him for the wording of it. :D )
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