August 7th, 2008


Sleepytime = quicky post (Avatar, FFXI)

First: If you wonder what happened to the earlier post, I deleted it to keep folks from fighting/arguing, that hadn't been the goal of it! The facts in it were questionable (Cy was pretty sure he was talking about something else), so just pretend it didn't exist and let's all hug and be friends.

Second: Avatar! I watched all of the second half of the second season. Just one season left to go! :(

I had thought I'd hate the Tales of Ba Sing Se ep (5 little stories about what the various characters do in the city), the first one was so pointless I figured they'd all be like that, but oh how wrong I was! That may have been my favorite ep so far. Uncle Iroh's story? How can someone who had been evil now be so kind and sweet? I was blinking back tears at the end of his story (when he was singing to his dead son). Oh my god, so good. But the best story, perhaps the best story ever told in animated form, was Zuko's date. I was laughing the entire time (when I wasn't going 'awww' and grinning), he was so amazingly and totally awkward that it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I watched that ep multiple times, and watched those two stories even more. (Aang's story, the zoo one, was really good, too.)

Oh, and I really enjoyed the bear joke, too! "A party for the king's bear's birthday." "You mean turtlebear, right?" "No, bear." "Hawkbear?" "No, it says just 'bear'." "Surely you mean tigerbear!" "No no, just 'bear'!" "What a strange country this is..." Heeheehee. (I have the -bear animals wrong, but you get the idea.)

I wish I had watched the end of the season's last ep in a better situation. I got busy on FFXI, so I had to watch the last 10 minutes of it in 30 second chunks. First off, two eps back, I got really annoyed. Zuko got a headcold and suddenly turned good? c.c He's suddenly happy with his new life and working in the tea shop and crap like that? Yes, Iroh explained it as his nature waring with his wrongly assumed destiny, but... that makes no sense. Bah. On the last ep: I strongly suspect that he's just faking it, going along with his sister to later turn on her and save the Earth Kingdom. I really really really really hope I'm wrong. But no matter how much he wants his honor and his father's approval, I can't see Zuko believing his sister ever again. So he has to be faking it. If so, that's going to suck. Good guys are boring. :(


FFXI: Well now! My roadblock on that stupid NMs quest is now out of the way! I figured since I'd never get Ixtab (ghost in Upper Delkfutt's Tower, wiki claimed you needed 4-6 75s to kill it), there was no use working on the other NMs. But! Our LS went out there today and killed him for a few of us! Turns out he's weaksauce, too. Seemed like he was weaker than even the ghosts he pops from. (That leaves Tottering Toby, Black Triple Stars, Drooling Daisy, Jolly Green, Gargantua, and Shadow Eye needed.)

We also got those two gigas that drop the bracelets, but neither dropped. I'll see if my screenshots are any good tomorrow.

Other than that, a metric buttload of chocobo racing. Would you believe I've now spent a million gil on "free" races? c.c They really need to rename that, by the way. If you're charging 1K per race, that's not free... Anyway, one more STR upgrade and I can start racing this bird -- he won't be done, but he'd probably be better than the one I'm using now.

zzzz Sleepytime now.
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