August 8th, 2008

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Avatar: The filler eps (and FFXI)

Did Avatar actually have filler eps? I wouldn't think so, since it's not based on anything, right? (I tried to google for an answer to that, but when you're avoiding spoilers it makes googling a challenge.) Sure did feel like it has them though...

The whole of season three thus far (eps 1-8) have been pretty darned meh to me. The first one had some good stuff about Zuko (you stupid, stupid, stupid kid. Trusting your sister. Again. Recall last night I said I was mad about you being happy in the tea shop? Don't walk, run back there and be happy.). However, other than that, the eps thus far seem not to have had much in them.

Ep 2: The Headband. Aang goes to a fire nation school. Had its interesting moments, and we learned a few very small details about their world (the fire nation has an Official Version of history, for example), but other than that it did little for me. No plot progress.

Ep 3: The Painted Lady. "Oh nos! This city needs help but we don't have time! We must move on to save the world! We don't even have a day to waste!" Katara saves it anyway. *major yawn*

Ep 4: Sokka's Master. Recall in ep 3 how they said they didn't even have a day to spare? How they had to get up earlier and start traveling sooner to make it on time? Well Sokka's unhappy so they decide to send him off to train with a swords master. Me thinking: '...okay, this is going to take how many years?' Turns out it takes only two days! He learns/trains on day one, makes his own sword on day two. 9.9

Those two eps together felt more like filler than anything I've seen in an anime series... But then it continues!

Ep 5: The Beach. Teenagers. Beach. Sex on the beach? Nope! Therapy on the beach! Arg! First off, what's this Zuko girlfriend crap? Stupid teenagers. Secondly, wow, what the hell are a bunch of bad guys doing talking about their feelings? Their weaknesses in front of each other? Gah.

Ep 6: The Avatar and the Firelord. Oh much much much better, filler over? Plot progress, for the first time all season! Yay! Backstory! Lots of good stuff!

Ep 7: The Runaway. ...nope, back to filler. What the heck is the point of this? No plot progress. No world/backstory info given out. (Or is that one-eyed robot man-thing that's trying to kill Aang supposed to count as plot? Seems way more filler plot-ish to me.)

Ep 8: The Puppetmaster. Filler, but better filler than we've seen so far. I had totally guessed the whole 'blood bending' thing back in the swamp ep (bodies are mostly water, just like plants...). Still, the end was freaky enough to give me goosebumps. :D

Based on the ep titles, it seems like things will go back to plotty again with ep 9. I've had my fill of this for tonight though.

What the heck happened to the series I loved? :/ And stop being a stupid, stupid teenager, Zuko! Or else! (And stop kissing icky girls, too!)


FFXI: More chocobo racing. x.x So sick of it. But if I keep up with the "free" chocobo racing for the next week I should be done by the weekend! So very sick of it though. Stupid chocobos.
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