August 12th, 2008

Ha ha ha (laughing cat)

Worse than "My Tivo thinks I'm gay"... (RL, FFXI, WoW, Avatar fanfic, RP)

Bored, I checked to see what my Tivo recorded for me. Apparently we have a Christian channel here, and Tivo grabbed some call-in show. Just to see how bad it was, I played it. First call: Woman calls in to see if it's a sin to divorce a man because he looked at porn and that's the same thing as cheating on her.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Well, I guess I'm not bored anymore! *rolls*

Oh god, the commercials on this network are just as good. Some salt from Iceland will give you your memory back! Special magical salt from Iceland! Raise your brain power by 300%! It's doctor recommended and has been tested for over thirteen years! Sheesh.

And back to the show. Hey, did you know the Internet is evil? This is so good, I can't stop watching to post. :D Oh god, they're recommending people spy on their partner's Internet use, install keyloggers and stuff... Wow. If you ever look at porn even once, you can't believe in God -- there's not room in the "human heart" for both. I needed a laugh today, this is so great. *rolls*

FFXI: I hate my chocobo. Damned thing is average DIS, so it should be able to learn any story/ability, yet I've now done 87 readings of the Canter story and it still hasn't learned it. Stupid illiterate chocobo.

WoW: I forgot I had a /wow directory of screenshots! Since I date my file names, I can see that it was almost exactly three years to the day since I last played. It's almost surprising how quickly so much of it has come back.

I played more than I intended to tonight. Apparently I must have been enjoying myself, since I missed dinner? Funny, but I don't know if I was having fun or not. It's so darned different than FFXI. I guess it's a good distraction? I just wish it wasn't so darned butt-ugly. Look at their humans. They're... blocky. Really poorly shaped. And move naturally? Ha, it's like their arms are made of sticks or something, they don't move right at all. Not to mention, the size of his head. Compare his head to his neck... to his calves. Blech.

Anyway, I hit level 30 tonight and just barely had enough money to get both my riding skill and mount. Yay, I'm a big ugly thing on a big ugly thing! (Don't mind my inventory in my screenshot. My screenshot key and bag-opening key seem to be the same one.) When I say I just barely had enough, I mean it. The flight back to my homeland to buy it put me below the cost of the skill/mount, so I had to go farm and vendor stuff to make up the cost of the flight.

And flying! I had forgotten that that was my favorite thing in the game. It was made even better because I was stuck in first person all night *cough*, I had never flown that way before. (I figured out how to change it right before I logged off.)

Assuming there's some sort of a /check command, I wonder what people think of my armor. I'm wearing the exact same stuff I was three years ago, I wonder if it's horribly out of date?

I had really, really hoped in my time away that WoW had fixed its damned auction house. It's all well and good for them to be pro-plug ins, but you should not need a plug in to make the AH functional. Damned lack of price history...

Avatar: I'm slowly reading fanfic. Eee, there's so much out there! Way more is put out each day than I can keep up with. :D (Especially since I'm only reading at work.) I noticed something today! I had had no clue why Zuko/Sokka worked so well for me, then I realized it: It's so darned Snape/Harry-ish! An awkward, non-too-social, grumpy guy and an energetic outgoing one! Only thing lacking is an age difference.

RP: I'm defeated by my own laziness. I found a place (LJ comm) that sounded really interesting to play on, but... applications. Bah. I know you need them for quality control, I would not want to play on a place without an application requirement, but... bah. Way too much work. A slacker I've become.
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