August 13th, 2008

rainbow terror alert

Sleep is for the weak (link)

Can't sleep, so it's post time!

Warning: If you don't like to hear about gay sex, power play, and/or drugs, skip this post!

Link is 100% NWS. Not Work Safe. Both text and pictures. It is, however, hot.

I've been wanting to post about My Life As A Pup for a while now, but I've always gotten distracted by something else. (Link will take you to the last page, the beginning/earliest posts of his blog, that's where you should start reading. Just go to the bottom of the page and work your way up.)

Pup/Owner is a pretty new set of terms for me. Not 100% new, since I had found (and posted) that video about men as (leather) puppies a while back. I'm going to assume that, as in the video, it involves dressing the "boy" up as a puppy, though the blog hasn't gotten that far yet.

It's pretty hot stuff, that blog. On one hand, it's so good I almost think it's not real, however there are a number of less attractive things (he's cheating on his SO, drugs, some of the things he's into) that I'm going to guess it is real. That's good. I've always loved getting a view into a lifestyle I'd never otherwise have a chance at experiencing first hand.

The drug part of it is really what finally got me to post about it. They use poppers left and right. Until tonight, I had no idea what those were other than "a drug". Wiki knows all. It looks like they're pretty harmless, so it's kind of odd that use of them is kind of putting me off the blog.

So anyway, if you're bored, check it out. (Just not at work!) It's a pretty darned interesting read.
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