August 15th, 2008

Blinking black cat eyes

"Waaaul!" (WoW)

Only PokeMUSH people will get that subject line!

I got a new pet, yay! A ghost kitty! And yes, I'm strongly tempted to name it Katerwaul (or perhaps Caterwaul, since people would think I "misspelled" it to be all kool or leet or something).

See? He's transparent! Isn't that cool? Unfortunately he also started at level 19, so I'm sloooooowly leveling him up (loltank!me = resting after every single fight).

It was quite a trip to get him, including being chased by NPCs out of two different cities (sheesh! I'm a harmless... um... giant monster-looking bull thing! I just wanted to pass through!) and sort of totally being unprepared how to go about the whole catching process (dismiss = abandon, right? *is dumb*!) so I almost died to the first one before I remembered how easy it is to run away in WoW. Second time was the same ("Why does it keep saying I have too many pets?! Does the stable count?"), and I finally figured it out on the third time he appeared. I don't do my homework because WoW is "so easy", then I end up making stupid mistakes like this. :P

Hm, maybe I should look up what Sly's Kats were named, maybe one of those would work as a name. (And I can't believe I don't remember the names.) Was Wail one? And... Wrath? What the heck was the name of his main female one... Wail doesn't sound quite right. (Edit: The few logs I checked seem to say Jazz was his main female Kat. Bah, that's a boring name.)

naikitty suggested a name from the Thistle-Chaser series of books. That seems the next logical place to look!

I'm so bad, it's almost time to log off and I haven't finished my daily FFXI work yet. *logs on there now*
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