August 18th, 2008


Avatar, WoW

Avatar rec: therewolf has some amazing Avatar (and PotC) fanfic posted. She's one of those rare fanfic writers where I stop reading the story to admire some bit of wording or sentence structure. I really, really like her Long Way Home fic especially, though unfortunately it's not had any new chapters added since April, so I don't know if she's still working on it or not. :/

Man, Long Way Home works for me so well. I love lots of build-up and characters feeling each other out and working their way into each others defenses and such. Not to mention, 'wounded' characters (mmm Zuko).


WoW: Boo. My 'do nothing but fishing forever after' plan hit a roadblock. I forgot that WoW ties crafting to level. >< So I have to get my character to level 40 before I can progress further in fishing. Bah. So I leveled all evening and got one level... yay... Hate XPing so much. Just five more levels to go!

The whole 'tie X to level' is rather annoying; I moved a mule to a city to buy me ammo... but a level one character can't even buy higher level stuff, no matter if they can use it or not. ><

Good parts of the night: While leveling I found those 'school of fish' thingies, so I stopped and fished three times. Got two boxes from them and one was jam-packed full of good stuff! The other had only one item, but still, that's nice!

Lastly, I had my first real interaction with another player: I had to find a rogue to pick some lockboxes for me. I had five of them stuffed into my bank, but I needed the room so it was time to deal with it. The person was really nice to put up with clueless me (I think I kept messing up the trades or something, it was the first time I traded anything) and I had no idea if I should tip and if so how much. :/ I ended up not tipping and the person seemed okay with that. (I'm still not sure about the value of WoW money -- would giving someone maybe 20-30 silver be an insult? I get really annoyed if I get tipped 200, 300 gil, something like that... I suspect that'd be about the same. But tipping 1 gold would be a whole lot (to me)!)
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